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Meaning she isn't really allowed to make decisions on her own, she hasn't truly become an "adult." I'll be honest though, some people age and mature slower than others and some faster.I think most 16 year olds aren't really ready to be in a serious relationship, and I think most 21 year olds who are interested in 16 year olds are interested because on some level (even if it isn't an intentional, thought out process) they recognize a 16 year old girl is probably much more easily manipulated than one their own age.Texting your crush at 16: You decide that texting your crush back “lol” under the lunch table is worth the risk of getting your phone confiscated.Texting your crush at 21: You have a few too many Patrón shots and assess the damage done in the morning. Dinner and a movie at 16: You split apps at Chili’s and go to the raciest PG-13 movie available.Where it becomes weird is the different stages of life the two are in.Most people would not think it strange at all if a 40 year old man was dating a 35 year old woman--5 years just isn't a huge gap.Asking them out at 16: You wonder if you can just recite the whole monologue you preplanned from behind a locker door.Asking them out at 21: You vow to walk over to them at this toga-themed house party after your first beer (that you’ve been nursing for two hours.) 5.

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On one hand, we know this 21 year old, and he is harmless as far as wooing the ladies.Until very recently that would apply to homosexual intercourse between parties of any age.I'm not really against the concept of statutory rape, but I do think that most civilized countries and many states set the age limit at around 16 for a reason.But the ultimate question - how weird is the 21/16 thing?It's not a weird age gap, and in fact larger age gaps were and are common.

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