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An anonymous friend of father-of-two Zabolotny's was quoted saying: 'Last time I saw him he was about to go there.'And when this video came out that he was captured, I used my own channels to clarify his fate.'He is dead.Those bastards executed him.'Zabolotny was reported to have been a devout Orthodox believer and went to Syria in order to protect Christians from terrorists.One of the men, named as Grigory Tsurkanu, is pictured centre'Our experience of watching this conflict tells us that Wagner private army mercenaries are the first to fight,' he said.'We think it is a strategy of the Defence Ministry of Russia: sending mercenaries to the hottest places, we avoid losses among official soldiers and keep the image of a successful combat operation.'Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov sidestepped a question about the fate of the men.'I repeat once again that, of course, the possible circumstances of their captivity and confirmation of their identity are things that are being dealt with by our relevant agencies,' he said.ISIS news agency Amaq claimed the men were seized near the eastern city of Deir Ezzor.A man in his forties, a former elder at a charismatic church, wrote: “In my own life, no matter how much I submitted to ‘God’ and prayed in faith, ‘sin’ never seemed to leave me. One variation of social exchange theory, termed equity theory, holds that people are satisfied with their relationships when they get the rewards that they feel are proportional to the costs that they bear. Well, what’s the point of being ‘saved’ if you aren’t delivered from ‘sin’? An inequitable is unstable, and it usually occurs because a person thinks they receive too little for how much they give. The writers did so much for God – praying, attending church, following God – but God did not do enough in return.

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When asked if there had been secret negotiations between Russian forces and ISIS over the captives, he said this was 'secret information' which he could not divulge.The second, which I elaborate here, regards a failed relationship with God. They too sought God’s help, but when they did not receive it, they simply concluded that God did not exist. Almost half (22 of 50) of the writers expressed sentiments that in some way God had failed them by His not doing what they thought He should. A former member of an Assemblies of God church explicitly linked unanswered prayers and the existence of God: “How many humble and totally selfless prayers offered up to and ignored by the imaginary skydaddy does it take for the average person to finally throw in the towel and say [God doesn’t exist]!!!! Senior Russian MP Viktor Vodolatsky said: 'It is very sad but 99 per cent Roman Zabolotny is not alive, nor is the second prisoner.'Before filming that video they were given a statement which they had to read.'In this text they would reject their Orthodox religion, reject their motherland, become Muslim and join ISIS.'They stayed loyal to the Orthodox faith and their Motherland until the very end, and this is what they were killed by those gangsters for.'There has been no official confirmation from the Russian authorities about their fate, but Vladimir Putin's government is coy speaking about such mercenary forces in Syria and other hot spots, even though experts say they work closely with the armed forces.A local MP in Rostov-on-Don, Zabolotny's home city, also confirmed the pair had been 'executed', saying it happened the day after the video was made.'Unfortunately, this is true,' said Anatoly Kotlyarov.

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