Dating advice maintaining interest

Usually before you enter a committed, monogamous love match you have a pretty good sense of who you are. And when you start dating someone regularly it’s a great opportunity to discover new things, or see things through their eyes, as well as sharing your favorite pastimes in the hopes that they will appreciate them as much as you do.

Like any relationship, it’s a chance to learn and grow.

It’s also important to be able to let your partner know when you don’t want to be included in plans – even if he/she has already committed you.

Having someone commit you to plans without first consulting you can feel very controlling over time, and cause problems down the line.

If it’s something that would make you feel trapped or taken for granted, then make sure to change your behavior or talk to them about theirs.

Don’t let things get too comfortable so that you end up taking one another for granted, and remember how lucky you are to have one another.

Just try to remember that when working, the work itself comes first.

Be professional, focused, respectful and stick to your honest opinions and beliefs.

Compromise ensues, and sooner or later you realize that you now never make a decision without taking the other person into account.Don’t compromise your opinions out of deference to a romantic relationship (or even a friendship).Go home everyday knowing you did your very best and deal with any emotional fallout where and when it belongs. Last but not least, a bit more about not compromising your opinions out of respect for your relationship.Even if your partner is not personally interested, he or she should love hearing about what you’ve accomplished or what has you so excited, just because of their feelings for you. Checking in with each other as a couple and making plans together is part of being a couple.There are two traps to be aware of with this: asking for permission before you can say yes to something, or having it be taken for granted that you’ll come along somewhere when you really don’t want to.

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