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Whether presenting content in one full screen, or as many as 6, you can rearrange the windows, resize them, mark and annotate over all, then record the entire lesson from start to finish.All screens, including all annotation and audio can be recorded as one complete video.Sphere2 is a complete presentation, content development and sharing software solution; however its simplicity is just as extraordinary as what it does.With easy to navigate tools to present live video, control your document camera(s), annotate, manipulate, record and share.With your complete lesson recorded, you can instantly upload and share it to Drop Box, You Tube, Facebook, or even your classroom management site.Lessons can be pre-recorded for substitute teachers, and flipped for students to view at home.Your students will be actively immersed in your curriculum.Sphere2 annotation tools: comprehensive, yet intuitive! Sphere2 allows you to present content from multiple sources, organized in up to 6 screens at one time.

You can control the size, shape and position of the exposed area, which is perfect sectioning off problems on a worksheet.

The new Sphere2 software adds enhanced visual capabilities to lesson creation, 1 to 1 student engagement and collaboration.

With the ability to add multiple cameras and content in one screen and with the new Class Student Engagement feature, teachers can transmit screenshots directly to your students’ devices over existing Wi-Fi networks.

Instant upload makes your lessons available anytime, anywhere, and for anyone you choose to share it with. Simultaneously show what's in the Petri dish, a live image of you, along with images or videos of the control or initial stages of the experiment.

So no matter where you are in the classroom (even if you are over the sink), students get a front row seat to what's going on. You can record your entire science lesson with annotations and highlights, as well as upload to You Tube, Drop Box and more effortlessly.

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