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In some cases women have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

NEW YORK CITY is the home of independent film and the international proving ground for actors.

For its size, diversity of landscape, people and culture, the city is unparalleled.

One can hear dozens of different languages, choose from the cuisine of six continents, and rub shoulders with diplomats, designers, machinists or musicians on any given day.

Criminal gangs are targeting men and women looking for love, the boss of one of the world’s biggest dating sites has admitted.

Opportunities for cultural activities are unlimited. For the film lover, New York is full of mainstream and independent theatres.

Its 24/7 energy and culture will inspire you to create and achieve at the highest level.

New York Film Academy students are immersed in the heart of this great city which becomes part of their films and their lives. This city is the muse for filmmakers and actors who are inspired by its extraordinary energy.

A short walk north takes the student into the neighborhoods of Tribeca, Chinatown, the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, Little Italy, or So Ho.

A thirty-minute train ride brings the student to the doorsteps of Columbia University and Harlem, or Coney Island, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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