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The lower sleeve of the steam engine’s governor had been repaired several times, but it kept breaking.

The governor incorporates two 15-lb steel balls as flyweights that hang — diametrically opposed — off the lower sleeve.

Their work makes them infrequent users of Gibbs CAM and CNC, but they are using them to design, model and machine, on average, one part a month, and they are learning the value of these tools. “It’s a fantastic program and great machine,” Leno said.

“We would never have tried to make some of these parts without Gibbs CAM and CNC.

Juchli said that Gibbs CAM makes that easy to do with its Advanced Coordinate System that defines a system with whatever planar orientation is needed.

Once that is done, “you position the part and machine it.

“Until we bought the Fadal, we would farm out parts we couldn’t make, which is really expensive for one-offs, carrying very long lead times.

I built a standard coordinate system, then one for the slots, and one for each of the two sides. He defined his five tools with the program’s Tools Palette, and machined the part to generate NC code, which he postprocessed for the Fadal. I discover new things every time I use it,” he said.When the garage opened in 1991, all this work was outsourced.In 1999, that started to change, after Juchli, ready to retire from his own business, joined the garage.Then he made modifications to improve aesthetics of the part because it operates in plain sight.Two thirds of the part is purely cylindrical, so Juchli first turned the part on a lathe, leaving the wide end as a solid block.

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