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Regardless, I really did like this fragrance and it has continued to impress me over the years (a Fleurry type of La Male).

Moreover, it is certainly a unique men's fragrance, very well-blended (excellent quality) and reasonably priced.

However, it's just too powdery and fleurry for me(n) to wear often...especially in public. Finally, just like with my vintage bottle (pre 2012) of Le Male, Fd M projects like a beast and lasts a very long time.

Overall, Fleur du Male is a brilliant and highly underrated and highly overlooked fragrance.

Something similar does Prada with L'infusion d'homme using iris instead of Nerolí. The mixture is developed in two phases, is very well mixed and undoubtedly its originality is undoubted and to be a designer fragrance fulfills well with my expectations.

Rating: 8 Fleur du Male: * A truly remarkable, if somewhat feminine-slanting scent * Unique in its blend * Comfortably unisex * Definitely for the 'confident' perhaps metrosexual man * Goes on quite soapy & bleachy but give it time for its obvious beauty to evolve * I so adore the florals in this one & have received positive comments * Olfactory colors: Lilly-white with tinges of yellow * 'xoxo Myke' is correct: It does have a bit of a retro vibe & I also particularly like the review by 'lyon': '[This fragrance is] a token of a visionary approach made towards the aesthetic of masculinity and it's progression in culture'.

Sample it before you buy it 8.5/10 Instagram @Aprimaxxi @anaphylactic78 - I am not sure what you're trying to say?En el único lugar donde perdura mucho incluso despues de bañarme es en el cabello... i owned a couple bottles of this fragrance a long time ago.I bought this one blind after reading lots of interesting reviews on here and I'm not disappointed. It is so beastly in performance from what i remember this scent will fill up a room and it will show up before you even get inside the building lol. I would go light on the sprays using this fragrance.If you feel that Fleur du Male smells similar to Reflection Man then you should state your opinions in a well-written review that includes how a fragrance smells, how well it performs, appropriate times for wearing said fragrance, comments received from others, and feelings it evokes while on your skin. As for people it smelling similar to Le Male...perhaps, but only a fleeting similarity that is not strong enough for my to vote for such as similarity. Le Male smells very similar (but not identical) to Reflection Man and close to 200 members have mentioned this fact in their review of Reflection mention just about every fragrance reviewer on Youtube, Facebook and other social media.Sadly, a handful of butt-hurt punks are permitted to create dozens or hundreds of accounts just so they can vote down people who vote that it smells similar to Le Male.

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