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Pharrell Williams might rock The Hat, but his gorgeous wife, Helen Lasichanh, wears The Pants.

From jeans to knickerbockers to jumpsuits, Lasichanh borrows her favorite looks from the boys.

What did she wear to the Oscars, where an evening gown is de rigueur? Like her hit-maker husband, Lasichanh has a daring and distinctive style.

She wears European and Japanese designer brands, but picks unexpected pieces, steers clear of anything overtly sexy and appears to prize comfort over glamour.

She has worn the influential French label to more than 10 events, and the couple frequently coordinate their outfits. “One minute they look like a teenager skate couple on the way to the mall, and the next minute they look like adult best friends, all dolled up at the Met Gala,” says Harris.

“Sometimes they look like hipster pilgrims,” says Isoul Harris, editor-in-chief of Uptown magazine. ” When she’s off-duty, Lasichanh works a tomboy vibe in skinny jeans or leggings, hoodies (usually Pharrell’s brand, Billionaire Girls Club) and Uggs, Dr.

Conner used to be a member of the music group the Style Boyz with his childhood friends, Owen and Lawrence, until he went solo.

Owen (Jorma Taccone) went on to be Conner's DJ while Lawrence (Akiva Schaffer) became a farmer in Colorado, and the Style Boyz's manager Harry (Tim Meadows) now represents Conner.

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She got engaged to Liam Hemsworth in May 2012, after three years of dating, but they broke it off in 2013.

Her coach, Hector Martinez, calls her “a quiet warrior.

She was very intense, but she would not necessarily express it verbally.” Lasichanh is said to have met Pharrell in Miami, and they were friends for 2 ½ years before they started dating.

Helen has this extraordinary quality where she can dress to the nines for the red carpet, or she can go around here with leggings,” he adds, nodding at Lasichanh at a recent Uniqlo party.

Asked how she puts together her combos, Lasichanh tells The Post, “I don’t choose, it’s just who I am.” Pharrell is almost as prolific in fashion as he is in music, with a new Uniqlo collection as well as upcoming collaborations with G-Star, Adidas Originals and Comme des Garçons Parfums, not to mention his own brands.

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