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b)"komi odi"(peasants song), which means the song of the peasants.

The comic, [...]In the 1940s and 50s Lacan was of course fascinated by the new science of cybernetics and information theory, referencing Claude Shannon and Norburt Wiener among others.

Turing is not mentioned, but his thinking machines [...]Belgian policy makers and health insurers are concerned about this proliferating consumption and its negative impact on the overall budget for healthcare.

To stop the proliferation, it is now believed that introducing healthcare psychologists might [...]Similar traits appeared to occur at his workplace, where he was known for unexpected abusive treatment of women co-workers.

Furthermore, Slovenes are second in the world, [...]There is a new diagnosis not yet included in the DSM 5. It’s a very short, dense, instant and most often no one takes notice of it [...]The Vocoder produces an un-modulated form of speech that sounds robotic, partly because of the monotony assumed for the machine, but also because of the use of similar devices in sound art and popular music [...]Pokémon Go has been dominating the media and the streets, with crowds gathering and provoking chaos when rare characters appear on screen.

It shows us to what extent Lacans statement: “ You are from now [...]It is in this context of ‘a world where the difference between delusion and reality was shown to be completely useless’, (Dessal, 231) that Gustavo Dessal’s remarkable new novel Surviving Anne (Karnac, 2016) explores the [...]In order to capture its rare opening, the New York Botanical Gardens mounted a camera to live broadcast the development of the bloom.

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Clown sightings started in August in South Carolina when [...]How was it before?During, and after, the trial, protesters used the discourse of rape, despite Ghomeshi’s very specific kinds [...]Hysterical identification is the source of our intelligence.Only through identification and introjection can we escape the prison of our own unspeakable jouissance.His 2013 shop window displays for Louis Vuitton emphasised a tie between Vuitton and Buren as brands, in which it [...]On the other hand, we have the advances of technology and electronic devices that tend to eliminate body contact as much as possible - from texting, e-mailing, dating apps to even electronic therapy services.For [...]The etymology of the word "comedy", is known to have two origins: a)"komos odi"(crowd song), which means the song of the boisterous crowd.

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