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It is punctuated by numerous seawalls cutting the shore.At Anglet the outline of the public maritime domain has been updated and a coastal reserve forty metres (130 feet) wide has been observed since 1978.In 1557, the Saint Léon church was demolished and transferred to its current location in 1564 in front of the current town hall of Anglet.

There are also references to orchards and mills at Mufale/Aumufale (on the Anglet border) and at Balaison/Balichon.The chronicler Froissart stated that "the suburb (was) as important as the city".Saint Léon was organized around its church (Saint Léon) and extended to the "Port of Beyries" and "to the Arritzague Stream". Two parishes seem to have been identified: Saint Léon and Brindos.With its many bays and inlets this area is a laboratory for monitoring techniques for studying coastal erosion.The Anglet coast is about 4.5 km long and has 11 beaches from north to south: The French Basque Coast designates the part of the Aquitaine coast between the Chambre d'Amour cave at Anglet and the Spanish border.

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