Sock fetish dating

We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.She then looked at me with a grin and put her fingers on the opening of her left sock, the one I came in and slowly peeled off the sock.I swallowed hard as her heel showed with just a few smears of cum on it, then came her high arches which had a bit more smears of cum along it, finally came her toes which was covered in cum. Covered in your cum." She wiggled her toes, "Next time, when you jack off into my socks, put them in the laundry basket when you're done, okay? 'Coz you wouldn't walk around in a sock full of cum right? " Janice looked at me for awhile then said with a grin, "Maybe..." I don't know why, but that excited me a little. They smelt pretty strong." "I put them on yesterday when I was working out on the T. I smiled at the smell and then lay on the right side of my head.Janice uncrossed her leg and put her other foot to my face. After I worshiped her feet, she pulled her towel down to dry her feet off my saliva."Sorry, I'd give you a footjob, but I just took a shower so.." "It's okay, I think I'll live." "Tonight, I promise, okay?You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?

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First she lifted her right foot up and peeled the sock off of it and tossed it in to laundry basket.I inhaled her sweaty aroma from her sock deeply as I continued to stroke my socked cock faster.About half way to my orgasm, I looked up at Janice to see that she hadn't moved since I picked up her socks.I stared at her light pink toenails, covered in cum before she tossed the other sock in the laundry basket. V, that's probably why it smelt strong." "Oh right." "Now get out! " I chuckled then got out of the bathroom and slumped on the bed. Even though I've been here a few days, I haven't fully looked around in her room, so I decided to do so. On top of it was a lamp and half a bottle of baby oil, and we all know what that was for.(Footjobs, if you didn't figure it out already.) I pulled open the first draw, it had her pants, skirts and shorts, all nicely folded and sorted.

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