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Tequila, who has become associated with the Alt-Right movement and Neo-Nazi-ism in recent years, then claims the power to abolish taxes and debt, as well as the ability to control what happens in the world.

Actress and porn star Tila Tequila, who calls Houston home, points to a line in a contract she says makes her God.“My dumbass self, I signed this contract without reading the fine print because I’m lazy like that.

I signed my soul away to become God without reading the fine print.” RIGHT TURN: Houston's Tila Tequila posts photo with racially insensitive caption How legally valid this deal is and whether it would stand up in court doesn't appear relavent to Tequila, who said she wasn't aware of the terms, which have "supernatural wording and things like that." But, she's now ready to start exercising those powers on behalf of her people.

On Saturday, she vented that she was 40 weeks along and still had no newborn."What in the world is going on here?

I am, in fact, full homo, though I do admit to having experimented with men briefly in my early to mid twenties on a backpacking trip through Belize.

Anne made her professional acting career debut from 1987 television series Another World.

"I think maybe Baby Tila has enjoyed her time so much in my womb that she's just gotten used to it and is too lazy to come out now!

Tequila, who has been associated with the Alt-Right movement, spends part of a You Tube video praising Donald Trump, talking about her plans as Supreme Being and spinning conspiracy theories.

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